What makes a particular negotiation successful or fail  (when the product is the same product)?

By coaching some Israeli managers in Italy, I experienced the high weight of the human factor in the negotiation process.

When both parties found something common (professional experience, acquaintances, places, etc.) trust improved, and the deal speeded up with a minimum of fake objections.

In large deals, in which there are significant interests, if the parties trust each other, then they will easily close the deal with less effort.
This is what I call the ‘Good Chemistry’ among the players.
For this very reason, speaking a few phrases in Italian – since English is foreign to both parties – is certainly a weighty factor in your mutual relationship. By doing so you’ll show your customer appreciation and respect for his culture and identity.
It is a powerful emotional mean to let your presentation sound catching.

Therefore. it is highly desirable that Israeli businessmen be familiar with the Italian spoken language for business, as well as with the Italian non-spoken language, their Mimicry, and practice the local conventional behavior.

You can easily learn from home and office, in private zoom meetings.

Basic and advanced Italian for Business – as easy as having a short espresso cup

General content of the courses

  • Key phrases in spoken Italian in business

  • Professional expressions – with a correct accent

  • Some tools for creating immediate understanding and a positive impression

  • The accepted and not acceptable customs in the business community

  • Body Language during an introductory meeting and a conversation, to “translate” also what is not worded

  • Body Language during negotiations, to control your counterparts

  • Free first session, to set the learning goals, content, and a learning path. Call now 0546262041.

The class is conducted face-to-face (50 minutes by zoom). It includes conversations on all kinds of topics chosen by the client himself (business, society, food, culture, sites to visit, and more).

You the student will be constantly active, adhering to topics on your choice.

The learning material is mainly related to the student’s profession, including vocabulary and common expressions in the profession itself.

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