Born in Florence, Alberto lived in Milan where he had excellent and qualified experiences as an HR Manager and Consultant.

He speaks three languages, in addition to Italian, his mother tongue, such as fluent Hebrew (mother tongue level), English, and French.

As a Senior Consultant, he has worked both for Small Italian and International Industries in the Pharma, Fashion, Diagnostics, Financial Services, and Banking Sectors, and Israeli Consulting firm. Alberto designed and conducted the 2nd Conference “Festival of Psychology” on behalf of the Association of Psychologists of the (Region) of Lombardy.

He wrote three People Management manuals and a study on the neuropsychological impact of applied solutions in office design.

Alberto studied Psychology at HUJI (Israel) and earned his Master’s degree cum laude from the University of Padua (Italy). He was President of the Italian Organization for Immigrants (Israel) for two years.

Alberto, since 2014, has been living in Herzliya (IL); he is married and has two children who work in Israeli Hi-Tech.

Please visit my LinkedIn Profile: https://it.linkedin.com/in/alberto-corcos-a7896411 

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