Some personal factors are crucial in negotiating with a foreign partner, despite the special product or service you want to offer.

There are factors that stem from the customer’s first impression of a specific visitor.

Other ones are stereotypes that the same customer formed about the Israelis he met before you.

Therefore your customer will listen to you, already asking himself two important questions, which you must answer as soon as possible:

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

Can I trust you?

For example, in the image below what do you notice: a “Gentleman”… or a donkey?

What happens here? It is a known psychological effect: the image is ambiguous and its meaning is given by what you perceive first.

When you see a “gentleman”, it will be difficult to change that shape. And, on the other hand, unfortunately, the donkey will remain a donkey.

Likewise, each customer will react and decide based on their first impression of you and his stereotypes! An impression that will last a long time.

Remember: there is no second chance to make a first impression on customers’ minds.

So, check in advance what might make a positive first impression on your customer: your appearance; questions to be asked and not to be asked; behavior allowed in the first sessions; when and how to close the deal; what to do and say before leaving the meeting and what after.

Please, read this about this subject here

Know that the answers to these issues are the very Italian Codes themselves. They should be your professional signature.


Business language and its nuances. How could you understand that a customer answered “yes” and meant “no”  (or “maybe”)?

Most of the Italian Managers use typical expressions in a negotiation, whose significance is not obvious at all.

Behavior and Manners. What is wrong with saying or doing while at work, or during a business meal?

A new E-Book will explain the 40 (!) rules to care for when you sit in a business dinner; then about gifts to customers, and other useful tips.

Every businessman who wants the most out of his mission should know and use these codes.

Do you wish some other hint? Then download the free page How Italian managers see Israelis” and check if you already notice a behavior that is not appropriate for Italy.

Use the Italian Business Codes, and you will see how customer attitude will change in your favor and the negotiation will flow faster and with good results!

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