alberto corcos

Business Development & Marketing advisor

Benvenuto! ברוך הבא

I am a Bridge among Italian and Israeli companies
by my network, in order to

  • providing direct personal appointments with managers
  • facilitating and strengthening mutual trust
  • easing to overcome communication gaps
  • suggesting effective Codes of communication and behavior
  • assisting the Italian customer with the Israeli market and institutions
  • profiling customers
  • supporting all the phases of the negotiation, following up the deal

Italian Economic Outlook

Flash news, articles, video to know
what’s on in many innovative fields
in Italy (i.e. Furniture, Fashion,
Hi-Tech and Sciences).
Information will be in English.

News dal mondo Hi-Tech in Israele

Notizie flash, servizi, video per conoscere
che cosa accade in molti settori innovativi
in Israele, in particolare nell’Hi-Tech e
nella Sanità
Informazioni in Italiano o Inglese

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